DIY Upcycled Fringed Scarf

I had the TV on in the workroom today and found myself watching Rachael Ray.  One of Rachael’s guests was Erica Domesek, author and founder of  Rachael and Erica were making DIY fringed scarves out of old t-shirts.

I know my crafty friends are saying, “Really, you’re just now finding out about this?” but I’m not  crafty so I tend to neglect watching someone else do crafty things.

All I could think of was, “Finally, a craft I could do with really cool results!” I got excited and ran around the house looking for old t-shirts my son left when he moved out of the house.

Found a t-shirt and had at it.  I followed along with Erica in this video:

Somebody help me..I’ve made three scarves so far! I can’t stop! I might have to hit the Goodwill store tomorrow for more t-shirts!!

Give it a try and post a pic of your creation on our Facebook page!


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