Hurricane Prep Tips from Those Who Have Been Through It More Than Once

This might be a little to late for our friends on the East Coast but these tips were so good, I wanted to post them here so they can be easily accessed by anyone at anytime.

These are hints from friends from around the Gulf Coast area who have been through many a hurricane.  There are several of these hints that I’ve not ever thought of and I’ve been through a few hurricanes in my lifetime!

In the interest of time, I am posting them as I pulled them from my Facebook page. These are in no particular order. I have tried to edit, albeit quickly, but duplicate suggestions may have gotten by me:

  • Someone already mentioned having lots of ice in ice chests, cooking food from the freezer, making sure paper towel and trash bags are handy in the event one needs to clean out the fridge, what else?
  • Batteries, flashlights, candles, matches/lighters, propane for grills, cash, full gas tanks in cars, bottled water for drinking, stored up water for flushing toilets, bathing, etc.; bread, stuff like peanut butter, canned meats, soup, baby stuff (as needed).
  • Cooked food lasts longer than raw food. Oh, and a generator is nice.
  • Paper plates, cups, disposable utensils. No water, no electricity means no washing dishes
  • Axe in the attic. This is particularly a good idea if one lives in a low-lying area or below sea level. 
  • A “plug in” phone ~ no power and the cordless doesn’t ring or work but the phone lines are usually still working.
  • A radio that operates off of batteries or a crank ~ you can actually “crank” it for power.  I got mine at Radio Shack and it also has a light that can be turned on.
  • Take your window units out of the windows so they are less likely to break
  • Do your laundry now since that might not be possible and you’ll be sweaty with no AC.
  • Fix your screens so you can get some air moving without skeeters (mosquitos)
  • If you are nervous about the roof/trees go out and take some before photos of your house that will help convince your insurance co that the shingles were in fact all there and the tree standing before the storm. Assuming they don’t have the named storm thing up there.
  • Get your car off the street especially if it’s tree-lined
  • Deck of playing cards helps pass the time too.
  • Board games are great to fill the day. Also, jigsaw puzzles.
  • A small gas-powered generator, oil, gas and a window unit AC.
  • A couple of blue tarps. Duct tape. Staple gun and nails. Hammers, saws — in other words, you never know when you’ll need a tool afterwards.
  • Stock up on bottled water and lots of gallon jugs water.
  • Extra heavy-duty cords for the generator.
  • Portable tv. Battery powered lanterns.
  • Forget candles – use lots and lots of battery lamps.
  • Don’t forget to bring in the garden hoses, all lawn ornaments, door mats, anything you have out in the yard. Everything is a projectile.
  • Trim any loose branches ahead of time.
  • Chlorine bleach.
  • Find out where you can buy dry ice – get some ahead of time and let that be your first trip afterwards.
  • Make sure if you have space in your freezer that you at least fill water and things to fill up the space and create more frozen stuff. And then don’t open it up.
  • If power loss is a foregone conclusion, turn down your a/c and turn down the refrigerator.
  • My secret: lots of batteries always available at toy r us
  • Individual packets mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, etc. so you have that handy and don’t have to open the refrigerator if there is no generator.
  • Get gasoline. Gas stations will all be closed for a while; then there will be megalines.
  • Put ziplock bags of water in the freezer to help keep cool after you lose power.
  • A hand-cranked can opener.
  • Extra pet food.
  • If you have bug allergies, stock up on bug repellent and epi pens.
  • Put all important papers in ziplock bags to keep them dry.
  • It’s also a good idea to put at least two changes of clothes into ziplock bags(the big 20 gallon ones) in the event you have roof damage or flood damage, you can at least have dry clothes.
  • You’ll need at least one flat of bottled water per person per two days.
  • Fill the bathtubs with water to flush toilets.
  • Fresh fruit in a cooler with something to keep it cool will cut down on the amount of water you need daily.
  • Lanterns are safer than candles and they have battery-powered ones now that last a while.
  • Stock up on OTC stuff. Tylenol, Advil, cough syrup, Benadryl, antibiotic cream.
  • There is a converter you can get that will allow you to use your car as a generator, if you need emergency electricity, and its available at the auto parts store. It’s good for short spans of electricity if your stove is electric.
  • Remember the generators STAY OUTSIDE!!

Let me know if you have any more hurricane prep tips that can be added to the list. Stay safe everyone!


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