Twilight Dream limited edition fragrance now available

Most locals are aware that filming will begin on the next two installments of the ‘Twilight” movie series in and around our hometown of Baton Rouge in the coming weeks. 

In honor of ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ coming to town, Handmade at Homestead is offering, for a limited time, one of the most sensuous fragrances we’ve ever come across, Twilight Dream

The creator of Twilight Dream describes the fragrance as a “wonderfully fresh aromatic blend of lavender, spruce and cedar enhanced by a citrus bouquet of lemon lime with a dry down of patchouli, sandalwood and oakmoss” but we don’t think that description does it justice. 

We prefer this description of this amazingly hedonistic aroma: “Lavender shadows creep across the sky, a touch of woody smoke hanging in the air. The last rays of the sun fade into dusk as you breathe deeply the sultry scent that is…TWILIGHT DREAM.”

Beginning tomorrow, October 15, through November 15, we will offer our Twilight Dream fragrance in all of our products.   Stop by the Main Street Market tomorrow from 10am until 3pm, or come see us Saturday, October 16, at Fleur Du Jour’s Holiday Open House, 640 Main St.,  from 11am-1pm to sample this truly one-of-a-kind fragrance that will take you to another world.


About SimplyHomestead

What started out as a mother's quest to find an natural lip treatment for her son has turned into a flourishing handmade toiletry business. Handmade at Homestead produces fine handmade bath products, including moisture-replenishing sugar and salt scrubs, glycerin soaps, bath salts, and more. Unless information is quoted, all content is protected under US Copyright laws.
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