Why I Oppose the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 (H.R. 5786)-excerpt from letter to my Congressman

There is pending federal legislation that will affect you, as a consumer, me as a business owner, and, quite frankly, the nation as a whole. 

I have written the following to my U.S. representative and will forward the same to the remaining congressmen in our state.  While lengthy, I believe this states quite clearly, my opposition to this bill, as currently written.

I will post more specific information regarding how this bill will effect you, my customers, but I wanted to start with this letter.

July 28, 2010

The Honorable Bill Cassidy, MD

Re: HR 5786: Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010

Dear Congressman Cassidy:

I am founder and CEO of Handmade at Homestead, L.L.C., based in Port Allen, LA.  I am a regular Saturday vendor at the Main Street Market in downtown Baton Rouge.  You were kind enough to purchase some of my product at the Market one weekend before Christmas 2009. 

I am writing to ask your assistance with pending federal legislation that will severely harm me and my business, HR 5786: Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010.

This bill treats a company making 100 bottles of lotion each year the same way it treats a multi-billion dollar, multi-national company making 100 bottles of lotion each second. It is grossly unfair, unduly burdensome, intrusive and unnecessary in a number of ways.  To follow are just a few of the many issues I have with HR 5786: Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010:

  1. HR 5786 contains intrusive and unnecessary requirements that would force me to disclose information that the government does not need, which is unduly burdensome for me to provide, and which does nothing to protect consumers from unsafe cosmetics. Specifically, in addition to having to register my company name and location, I would also have to file with the federal government product descriptions, product ingredients, trace ingredient in products, gross sales numbers, the name and contact information of the suppliers of the ingredients used in their cosmetics and their number of employees. Dr. Cassidy how in the world does the amount of my gross sales or the numbers of employees keep consumers safe?
  2. Current cosmetics laws already require me to list ingredients on labels. HR 5786 expands labeling requirements to include trace elements found inside those ingredients. For example, a product containing water (or any other natural ingredient), would have to contain a label listing the water and also every other trace element inside that water. (Water contains a number of chemicals, including nickel, lead, copper, silver and dozens more — depending on the water source.) On its own, the cost of complying with this requirement to include such a list on each label will put me out of business.
  3. HR 5786 does not contain an exemption for small business owners. Many laws in this country exempt small companies because compliance would put them out of business without any real benefit to society. The same is true in this case. HR 5786 treats the smallest company making 50 products a day the same way it treats our nation’s multi-million dollar companies. While there is an exemption from the annual payment of fees, the testing and paperwork requirements in this bill will place burdens on my small businesses that are unfair, overreaching, unnecessary, offensive and intrusive.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this matter. Please leave a comment,


About SimplyHomestead

What started out as a mother's quest to find an natural lip treatment for her son has turned into a flourishing handmade toiletry business. Handmade at Homestead produces fine handmade bath products, including moisture-replenishing sugar and salt scrubs, glycerin soaps, bath salts, and more. Unless information is quoted, all content is protected under US Copyright laws.
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3 Responses to Why I Oppose the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 (H.R. 5786)-excerpt from letter to my Congressman

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  2. A similar thing is happening to makers of homemade toys. It’s a shame. Good for speaking up!!

    • The CPSIA passed but, last I heard, was stayed for a year. Hopefully, they will realize how damning this is to small business, just as the Safe Cosmetics Act will be if passed in its current form.

      Our industry was fortunate enought to find out about HR 5786 before congressional action was taken. I’m hoping our efforts to educate the sponsors of the bill will spill over and help to amend the CPSIA.

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