You CAN Eat Healthy by Shopping at a Warehouse Club

We’ve had a dilemma at our house for quite sometime.  Hubby insists on doing all the grocery shopping. I like to grocery shop as well, especially since I’m the one doing the cooking.  To me, grocery shopping is part of the entire cooking experience, something I greatly enjoy.

So what’s the dilemma, you ask?

Hubby takes three times as long to shop as do I and I’m not a very patient person. 

If I let hubby go on his own, even with a grocery list, he comes home with junk food, sweets, breads and THE weirdest food known to man-nothing my son or I would ever think of eating.  And, he never takes into consideration the time I would spend preparing meals. He has a tendency to forget that I’m a small business owner…..

So, hubby stated he wanted us to go to our local Sam’s Club warehouse yesterday.  I had a slew of business matters I needed to tend so hubby stated he would go on his own. While not a New Year resolution, I did set a goal to cook and eat healthier this year, a goal would never be realized if I let hubby loose alone at Sam’s.

Regardless of who was going to shop, I wanted to make out a healthy grocery list. For some reason, I started an online search looking for healthy food/shopping list suggestions and recipes.  In my search, I came across a blog where the writer stated she gets healthy, whole foods at Sam’s Club, using the “Click & Pull” option.

She utilized this option as more of a timesaver but, as I read through her post, I realized “Click & Pull” could be a great solution to our dilemma; I could order what I wanted and wouldn’t have to wait on hubby! Plus, there would be less time for him to dawdle in the bakery and sweets area!

If I were to shop without him, the “Click & Pull” option could basically do the same for me-keep me out of the areas of Sam’s where I normally impulse purchase! What a great thing for someone who is addicted to sugar and carbs!

The way “Click & Pull” works is that you place an order with your local Sam’s Club, and the employees will pull the items to fill your order.  You will then receive an email letting you know your order is ready to pick up. You pay for the order when you are at the store-nice feature for those who do not like to conduct financial transactions online.

Surprisingly, I was able to make very healthy choices when I placed my order yesterday:  flash frozen chicken breasts (defrost and use only what I need); quality frozen vegetables and fruit (again, only using what I need); spring mix and a variety of cheese (good for salads, etc); coffee; spices; and, cleaning supplies (granted not a food choice but I didn’t have to walk through the store to put it in my shopping cart).

There are plenty of other items I could have purchased-fresh fruit, pasta sauces, additional meat choices, deli meats, and the like.

The only drawback is that it takes 24 hours to fill the order, meaning one does have to plan ahead and place the order accordingly.  And, I found, not all needed items were available with the “Click & Pull” option.  One is able to use “Click & Pull” and also shop at the store.  Even this option will allow one to get in and out of the store quickly and, again, minimize impulse buying.

I am currently awaiting the email from my local Sam’s Club letting me know my order is ready for pick-up, so I’m not able to fully evaluate the Sam’s Club “Click & Pull” option but so far, it seems like an answer to my prayers!

I will update once the entire process is complete, so stay tuned!


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