Making Memories

Our family of three had a great time in New York last week-well, two out of the three of us had a great

My two men at Carnegie Deli

My two men at Carnegie Deli

time.  Poor hubby suffered with a bad back and fever the week before we left but he was a trooper and joined us for our much needed vacation. Bless his heard, he ventured out with us for the two Broadway shows and dinner after, and accompanied us on a couple of other outings, including the cruise around Manhattan, something to which we all looked forward.

At the risk of sounding callous, though, I enjoyed having time alone with my son, my one and only child. It was just the two of us for the first eight years of his life and, as a result, we are extremely

Me and the boy at Empire St. Bldg.

Me and the boy at Empire St. Bldg.

close.  As it was when he was younger, so it was in New York-just the boy and me.


We made some very wonderful memories during the week. One day we visited the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island. We had some time while waiting for the next boat to Ellis Island so we grabbed lunch at the café near Lady Liberty.  Son ordered his favorite-chicken

Statue of Liberty pre-seagull attack

Statue of Liberty pre-seagull attack

tenders and French fries. We thought it would be nice to eat outside.  As my son was looking for a table, a seagull started flying overhead and got lower and lower.  Next thing I knew, the seagull appeared to be landing on my son’s shoulder. Son freaked out, started yelling very loudly and threw the tray of chicken tenders/French fries down on the table.  He then watched stunned and helpless as the seagull flew off with two of his four chicken tenders.  And there I stood, watching my poor child get assaulted by a seagull, tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard.


By the way, we weren’t the only folks eating outside at the time. There were at least 30 tourists laughing hysterically, watching the scene unfold.  Needless to say, son was embarrassed but I told him he brought a lot of joy to those people that day. He took solace in thinking that the foreign tourists would return home to tell the story of the “funny American guy” who got attacked by a seagull at the Statue of Liberty.


Other memories abound:  being in-studio audience members on Good Morning America; first subway

Lego Batman FAO Schwarz

Lego Batman FAO Schwarz

outing without hubby and son as navigator (worse for me than the first time he drove); showing him

how to haggle in Chinatown; watching him revert back to his childhood when we walked into FAO Schwarz; our walk, and subsequent discussions,
Nirvana-Hershey's Chocolate Store

Nirvana-Hershey's Chocolate Store

through the Financial District and Ground Zero; our many late night outings to M&M World and the Hershey’s Chocolate store.


These may not seem like outstanding memories to you, but they are great ones for me. My son will be spreading his wings and leaving for college in just a little over a year.  I know the time for making memories with him is fleeting.  I have begun to cherish every minute I have left with him. In my heart, I know he cherishes these memories as well.


I would encourage you to take time to make memories with your loved ones.  It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, have kids or not-there’s at least one special person in your life. Go out and make a memory or two with them-you’ll cherish those moments for a lifetime.


Our immigrant ancestors Ellis Island
Our immigrant ancestors Ellis Island

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  1. Just got a call that the husband of a good friend of my parents passed away this morning. He was admitted to the hospital last Friday but was expected to make a full recovery. Takeaway: Don’t wait to make your memories.

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