MMMMMM Mustard Bath

For someone who has had a career in public relations, you would think it  would be easy for me to promote myself and my products. 

Alas, that is SO not true.

It’s not that I don’t believe in my products-if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be asking you to purchase them-but I just have a hard time with self-promotion.  This is, by the way, an area that I am working on and will also be a focus of one of my goals for 2009……

But today, I had an absolutely wonderful experience and I just had to let you know about it.  I have been suffering from a major sinus infection for going on a week now.  I’ve been sleeping for 10 to 12 hours a day and trying to fill orders when I’m up and have the energy to do so.  I’ve been tanking up on Olive Leaf extract and Olive Leaf nasal spray, faithfully using my NetiPot, drinking hot tea with honey, inhaling steam with Eucalyptus essential oil, etc., but I just couldn’t shake that down-to-the-marrow chill that I’ve had for the last few days. 

After getting my son out the door this morning, I decided that what I really needed was a good old hot bath to tackle the chills and help break up the head and chest congestion. On my way upstairs I grabbed a container of my English Mustard Bath

I ran the bath water at the hottest temperature I could handle, dissolved the contents of the Mustard Bath, and lowered myself into the water.   I soaked for a few minutes then got the idea to soak the washcloth in the hot water and placed it on my chest.  I stayed in the bath for nearly 20 minutes.

OH.MY.GOODNESS!!  I cannot tell you how much better I feel. It’s been nearly two hours since I exited the bath. I have no chills, my head is clear AND my head/chest congestion is breaking up (finally).

I will not be so bold as to say the Mustard Bath is responsible for all but I can’t deny what happened to me this morning and how good I feel at present.

I know you’re probably one of two things:  skeptical or curious.  Either way, I’d like you to try our English Mustard Bath* so our for our Happy Hour Special this Friday, I am offering 25 percent off on our 6 oz container.  This special will be for one day only and only available on our website Handmade at Homestead.

Don’t forget we have free shipping from now until December 16, when our store closes for the holidays.

*If you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes or are pregnant, this product is not for you.


About SimplyHomestead

What started out as a mother's quest to find an natural lip treatment for her son has turned into a flourishing handmade toiletry business. Handmade at Homestead produces fine handmade bath products, including moisture-replenishing sugar and salt scrubs, glycerin soaps, bath salts, and more. Unless information is quoted, all content is protected under US Copyright laws.
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